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Cerveny Conference Center & Camp Weed

11057 Camp Weed Place

Live Oak, Florida 32060

Tel: 386-364-5250

  • From Tallahassee, FL

    Take I-1o East to Hwy-129, exit 283. Travel South on Hwy-129 to US-90 E / E Howard Street, turn left (East) and travel 6 miles to 75th Drive

    Turn right onto 75th Drive

    Take 1st right onto Camp Weed Place

    Distance: 80 miles

  • From Lake City, FL

    Take FL-10 W / US-90 W / W Duval Street, travel 14.7 miles from the I-75 overpass to 75th Drive

    Turn left onto 75th Drive

    Take 1st right onto Camp Weed Place

    Distance: 14.7 miles

  • From Jacksonville, FL

    Take  I-10 W to exit 292 for County Route 137

    Turn left on CR 137 and travel 5 miles to the traffic light

    Turn right at the traffic light and travel to the stop sign

    At the stop sign turn right onto FL-10 W / US-90 W

    Travel 4.5 miles

    Turn left onto 75th Drive

    Take 1st right onto Camp Weed Place

    Distance: 82.8 miles

  • From Gainesville, FL

    Take I-75 N toward Lake City

    Take exit 427 for US-90 W

    Turn left on US-90 and travel 14.7 miles from the I-75 overpass

    Turn left onto 75th Drive

    Take 1st right onto Camp Weed Place

    Distance: 61 miles

Getting Here

Working at Camp


Wanted: Women and men in search of meaningful summer jobs. Average pay, long hours, and more personal rewards than you can imagine.


What to Expect

Working at camp is chaotic and ever-changing — but in an incredible way! Our daily routine is pretty straightforward, but with different campers, different staff members, different activities, and more, no two days are alike.


If selected to serve on staff, you can expect to arrive at camp on June 4 to begin an action-packed nine days of staff training. During staff training, you'll gain tools to use throughout the summer, get acclimated to camp, and make new friends. You'll also have the opportunity to get certified in First Aid/CPR/AED, lifeguarding, and challenge course.


When campers arrive, you'll jump into even more fun. You'll lead activities, cheer your campers on, help build relationships, and more.


While working at camp, you'll reside on property in Live Oak, FL. Counseling staff will live in cabins with around 15 campers, one counselor-in-training (CIT), and one co-counselor. Program staff will reside in our staff cabin with out leaders-in-training (LITs). Breaks during staff training will vary, but once campers arrive, you'll get at least one break per day. You'll also get one lunch out per week and one night off per week, and you'll be off after campers leave Saturday until a few hours before campers arrive Sunday. While at camp and on duty, all meals will be provided. 


In addition to these things, you can expect:

  • To be accepted and loved for who you are
  • To fail and to learn that's okay
  • To get messy and to have fun doing it
  • To push yourself harder than you thought you could
  • To learn more about yourself and others
  • To make caring and hilarious new friends
  • To laugh and be silly
  • To become camp famous (seriously, it's a thing)
  • To be exhausted but ecstatic 
  • To find a new home away from home


You'll also gain some incredible skills to put on your resume and some impressive situations to draw from in interviews. 



If you're hoping to get rich this summer, camp may not be for you. We do pay competively for the camping industry — between $200 and $500 per week — but we know that isn't much for all the blood, sweat, and tears you put in. To sweeten the deal, we do feed you and give you as much camp swag (t-shirts, water bottles, etc.) as possible!


Don't forget to account for room and board! Not only is that worth a substantial amount, but living at camp also helps you spend less. You'll go out to eat less, and you'll be further from stores!


What We Expect

Camp is a special place, so we're looking for special people. Camp IS a job, and we expect our staff to be professionals. Communication (about your needs, your questions, your happiness, and more) is key!


We expect that our staff will:

  • Try their hardest
  • Come in with an open mind
  • Be prepared to work long hours
  • Take breaks when needed
  • Have compassion and empathy
  • Love their campers and their fellow staff
  • Lead by example
  • Put the needs of others above their own



Our camp positions are broken down into three categories: counseling staff, program staff, and leadership team.


Cabin Staff 

Cabin staff members live in the cabin with their campers, and they lead different activities throughout the day. We hire around eight male counselors and ten female counselors, including head male and female.


Program Staff

Program staff helps ensure that camp runs smoothly — and safely! Program staff positions include:


For more information about any of these positions, click the links above to read individual job descriptions.


Leadership Team

Some of our program staff members join with our camp director, assistant director, and head male and female counselors to form our leadersihp team. This team is responsible for making sure campers and staff are healthy, happy, and having fun. Program staff members automatically included on our leadership team are our activities and worship directors. However, we're open to others joining our leadership team if they've got the desire and leadership!


Staff Training Task Force

This group isn't an official category of our staff, but it's a pretty cool opportunity! In late winter or early spring, we'll put together a staff training task force to help plan and execute an incredible staff training. This group's biggest task is to make sure staff gain the tools they need and that they're welcomed to camp with open arms. We want both experience camp leaders and fresh faces to take part in this task force.


Still interested?

Head over to our applications or read about our hiring process!


Contact Us
  • 11057 Camp Weed Place
  • Live Oak, Florida 32060
  • Phone: 386-364-5250
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