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Cerveny Conference Center & Camp Weed

11057 Camp Weed Place

Live Oak, Florida 32060

Tel: 386-364-5250

  • From Tallahassee, FL

    Take I-1o East to Hwy-129, exit 283. Travel South on Hwy-129 to US-90 E / E Howard Street, turn left (East) and travel 6 miles to 75th Drive

    Turn right onto 75th Drive

    Take 1st right onto Camp Weed Place

    Distance: 80 miles

  • From Lake City, FL

    Take FL-10 W / US-90 W / W Duval Street, travel 14.7 miles from the I-75 overpass to 75th Drive

    Turn left onto 75th Drive

    Take 1st right onto Camp Weed Place

    Distance: 14.7 miles

  • From Jacksonville, FL

    Take  I-10 W to exit 292 for County Route 137

    Turn left on CR 137 and travel 5 miles to the traffic light

    Turn right at the traffic light and travel to the stop sign

    At the stop sign turn right onto FL-10 W / US-90 W

    Travel 4.5 miles

    Turn left onto 75th Drive

    Take 1st right onto Camp Weed Place

    Distance: 82.8 miles

  • From Gainesville, FL

    Take I-75 N toward Lake City

    Take exit 427 for US-90 W

    Turn left on US-90 and travel 14.7 miles from the I-75 overpass

    Turn left onto 75th Drive

    Take 1st right onto Camp Weed Place

    Distance: 61 miles

Getting Here

Talent Acquisition Process


Come work with us!

If you're interested in working with us, follow these steps to have the best summer ever!


Step #1: Find out if we're right for you.

Camp isn't right for every person, and every person isn't right for every camp. Committing to camp is a tough decision to make. Before applying, do your research! Think of these questions.

  • Have you read through our Join Our Team  and Working at Camp pages?
  • Have you read about our Activities, Typical Day, and Camp Food?
  • Can you handle being separated from your phone for most of the day?
  • Can you be away from home/school for two months (June and July)?
  • Does camp's compensation fit with your financial situation?
  • Can you handle frequently pushing your comfort zone?
  • Do you enjoy working with kids?
  • Are you okay getting dirty?
  • Are you comfortable dressing up, being silly, and singing crazy songs in front of large groups of people?
  • Can you commit to putting others' needs before your own?
  • Do you need a lot of "me time" or personal space? If so, camp may not be for you!

These things will help you figure out if Camp Weed is right for you.


Even if you answered all those questions, we still ask that you prayerfully and thoughtfully consider this commitment. Working at camp is rewarding, but it's also tough. Most importantly, everyone at camp, no matter the position, needs to have a real desire to work with campers. Not even the camp director is above going in a cabin if push comes to shove!


Step #2: Apply to work at Camp Weed.

Both new and returning staff applying for any staff position must complete an application online through CampBrain. Take your time completing the application! It may be lengthy, but it's worth it. You can save your progress and come back at any time. The first round of hiring will be done around October, but hiring quality staff members is our first priority. If we don't have the right people in October, we'll hold off until we find a perfect fit.


Our camp director (and possibly leadership team) will review your application with thought and prayer. Make sure to check out our application tips below!


Step #3: Prepare for your interview (then interview!).

After reading through your application, our camp director will reach out to schedule an interview. Depending on your location and application submission date, you may have an in-person group interview or a video interview. First-round group interviews are tentatively scheduled for 2:00 p.m. on November 3, 2018 at Camp Weed. Please block out three hours for the interview. If offered a video interview, please alot 30 minutes in your schedule. 


After applying, check your email for more information and tips about our interiew process.


Step 4: Wait for a bit.

Once we've finished the interview, we still have a few more things to do! At this point we'll check your references and social media. Make sure we have current information for your references! During our social media check, we want to make sure that you live our core values and that parents would feel comfortable leaving their most prized possession with you. Remember: you're a role model!


Step 5: Accept the position (conditionally)!

Once all these steps have been complete, we'll send out offers for conditional hire. Why conditional? Because even after all of this, there are STILL a few more steps to get you're officially a part of our staff.


All of our staff members must undergo an annual criminal background check and must complete Safeguarding, the Episcopal Church's child abuse prevention program. In accordance with Florida law, background checks must be done just 60 days or less before officially working at camp. Because of this, no one can be 100 percent official until that period.


It's important to remember that receiving an offer to work at camp does not mean that you are required to accept. Again, prayerfully and thoughtfully consider the decision to work at camp before accepting. Can you stlll answer the questions asked above? Camp is quite a commitment. Don't forget you'll work seven days a week for most of the summer. Camp moves quickly, so it's likely we'll be unable to hire anyone to replace you mid-season. We'd much rather you ask questions or decline now than leave in the thick of things. 


Lastly, don't forget negotiation is a part of life! If you have certain peramaters for working at camp, email or schedule a call with our director to figure things out. You don't know if you don't ask!


Step #6: Become part of our family.

Most likely, you'll be hired well before camp. In the months before camp, you'll be added to a Facebook group, GroupMe, and maybe even a Snapchat group with the rest of staff. Additionally, you'll be added to an "Ohana Group" - a small group of staff members you can rely on - and you'll receive a staff contact list. It's easy to put camp on your calendar and coast until the end of school, but taking time to participate in these things will help you get to know people, which will help you feel more comfortable when you arrive at camp. Don't forget you can reach out to our camp director at any time!


During this time, you'll also receive copies of many of our staff policies. After you've accepted our offer, you're committed to honoring these policies.


Application Tips

  • Write in complete sentences and use proper grammar.
  • Use professional references - people who know you outside of your house. Relatives and roommates are not recommended.
  • Take your time.
  • Proofread. 
  • Not sure if you should include it? Include it!
  • Choose the format that works best for you. 
  • Let your personality shine through.
  • Do your best to show you're committed to camp.


Next Steps

Start your application or read Staff FAQs.

Contact Us
  • 11057 Camp Weed Place
  • Live Oak, Florida 32060
  • Phone: 386-364-5250
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