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Cerveny Conference Center & Camp Weed

11057 Camp Weed Place

Live Oak, Florida 32060

Tel: 386-364-5250

  • From Tallahassee, FL

    Take I-1o East to Hwy-129, exit 283. Travel South on Hwy-129 to US-90 E / E Howard Street, turn left (East) and travel 6 miles to 75th Drive

    Turn right onto 75th Drive

    Take 1st right onto Camp Weed Place

    Distance: 80 miles

  • From Lake City, FL

    Take FL-10 W / US-90 W / W Duval Street, travel 14.7 miles from the I-75 overpass to 75th Drive

    Turn left onto 75th Drive

    Take 1st right onto Camp Weed Place

    Distance: 14.7 miles

  • From Jacksonville, FL

    Take  I-10 W to exit 292 for County Route 137

    Turn left on CR 137 and travel 5 miles to the traffic light

    Turn right at the traffic light and travel to the stop sign

    At the stop sign turn right onto FL-10 W / US-90 W

    Travel 4.5 miles

    Turn left onto 75th Drive

    Take 1st right onto Camp Weed Place

    Distance: 82.8 miles

  • From Gainesville, FL

    Take I-75 N toward Lake City

    Take exit 427 for US-90 W

    Turn left on US-90 and travel 14.7 miles from the I-75 overpass

    Turn left onto 75th Drive

    Take 1st right onto Camp Weed Place

    Distance: 61 miles

Getting Here

Summer 2021 & COVID-19


While we cancelled the entirety of Summer 2020, we are here to deliver for Summer 2021! Now more than ever we know your children need camp: to be outside in the fresh air, making new friends, playing games, and just getting to be a kid again. Camp Weed strives to create a fun and safe environment for our campers, so we will be implementing new policies, camper groups, and cleaning and sanitizing measures to help ensure the health and safety of all campers and staff. Below you will find information on those steps we will be taking, as well as steps you can take at home to keep your camper(s) healthy before you send them to camp. 


All it Takes is 1...


...1 COVID-19 case for our camp to become COVID positive. Please do your best to adhere to our suggestions to do your part to help prevent the spread. We promise to do our part to keep all of our campers and staff safe while at camp. We will be following and monitoring CDC and ACA protocols over the coming months and during the summer, as well as monitoring local and surrounding area case numbers and adjusting our policies and safety measures accordiningly.


Before Camp Safety


At home is of course the start to preventing the spread. We ask that roughly 10-14 days before you send your child to camp, your family and those living in your home do their best to stay safe. This means, wearing a mask in public spaces, doing your best at social distancing, avoiding large gatherings where social distancing and mask wearing is not occuring, etc. We know that this can be difficult in some scenarios (jobs, school, etc.), but we simply ask that you do your best. This will help minimize the risk of anyone bringing the virus to camp with them.


Check-In at Camp


This will look much different than it ever has before. Staff members will be set up outside to do a drive-thru check-in. Initial check-in will include cabin assignments, payment confirmation, medicine drop off, temperature checks, and the camp store. No one should exit the vehicle during this time. Once you have completed the initial check-in, you will be directed to your cabin.


We ask that all other members of your family remain inside the vehicle at all times. Our staff and CITs will be prepared to help with luggage and bed making. If you would like to speak to the director, nurse, or have a private conversation with your camper's counselor, just ask the staff member or CIT who greets you and you will be directed to them. 


Interacting at Camp


Campers will stay with their cabins for the majority of their time at camp. Cabins will be separated into larger groups for some activities (most likely categorized into older and younger groups for the sake of group activities, meals, etc.). This means that while in those assigned age groups, campers will not be required to wear a mask or social distance. But when around different age groups, they will be required to do both. However, all meals, activities, etc. where these groups may crossover, will be designed to keep camper groups at least 6 feet apart and signs and other markers will be used to indicate this. 


Exposure at Camp


We will do temperature checks of all campers and staff every morning. If anyone has a fever of 100.3 or more or has at least two symptoms (listed below), they will be isolated immediately, and the parents/guardians will be called for the child to be picked up. 


COVID-19 symptoms:

  • Cough
  • Chills
  • Nasal congestion or runny nose
  • Sore throat
  • Muscle or body aches/headache
  • New loss of taste or smell
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Diarrhea/nausea or vomiting


In the event that parents or guardians cannot be reached, we will contact the emergency contacts listed in your child’s file. All sick children must be picked up within 6 hours of being contacted. Please plan ahead and have someone available to pick your camper up the week of their session should they become ill. We do not have the capacity to isolate individuals for long. If a whole cabin must be isolated and sent home, campers must be picked up within 24 hours.  


If a camper sent home because of COVID-like symptoms, they will have the option to attend another session later in the summer, so long as the child has a negative COVID test and been symptom free for at least 10 days prior to the start of the new session. 


Hydration & Other Illnesses


Because we are in Florida in summertime, we see more campers sent to the infirmary with symptoms of dehydration than anyting else. Of course dehydration, as well as many other illnesses, even the common cold, may exhibit similar symptoms to those of COVID-19. Unfortunately, because we cannot test on site, there is no definitive way to know what the actual cause of symptoms are (COVID vs. dehydration), but we must still take every precaution to ensure the health and safety of all campers. If any camper meets the above criteria of symptoms, they will be sent home.


So while we always promote hydration in various (sometimes silly) ways, we will be doing so more than ever this summer. We also also ask that you take some time at home to talk to your camper about this and make sure to either send them to camp with a water bottle or purchase a Camp Weed bottle at the camp store. Ensuring that campers are well hydrated helps eliminate symptoms that may be mistaken for COVID-19 and might result in the camper being sent home. 


If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions about these policies regarding COVID-19, please reach out to our director at or at 386-364-5250.

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  • 11057 Camp Weed Place
  • Live Oak, Florida 32060
  • Phone: 386-364-5250
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