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Cerveny Conference Center & Camp Weed

11057 Camp Weed Place

Live Oak, Florida 32060

Tel: 386-364-5250

  • From Tallahassee, FL

    Take I-1o East to Hwy-129, exit 283. Travel South on Hwy-129 to US-90 E / E Howard Street, turn left (East) and travel 6 miles to 75th Drive

    Turn right onto 75th Drive

    Take 1st right onto Camp Weed Place

    Distance: 80 miles

  • From Lake City, FL

    Take FL-10 W / US-90 W / W Duval Street, travel 14.7 miles from the I-75 overpass to 75th Drive

    Turn left onto 75th Drive

    Take 1st right onto Camp Weed Place

    Distance: 14.7 miles

  • From Jacksonville, FL

    Take  I-10 W to exit 292 for County Route 137

    Turn left on CR 137 and travel 5 miles to the traffic light

    Turn right at the traffic light and travel to the stop sign

    At the stop sign turn right onto FL-10 W / US-90 W

    Travel 4.5 miles

    Turn left onto 75th Drive

    Take 1st right onto Camp Weed Place

    Distance: 82.8 miles

  • From Gainesville, FL

    Take I-75 N toward Lake City

    Take exit 427 for US-90 W

    Turn left on US-90 and travel 14.7 miles from the I-75 overpass

    Turn left onto 75th Drive

    Take 1st right onto Camp Weed Place

    Distance: 61 miles

Getting Here

Faith at Camp


Grow your faith at camp!


Camp Weed is more than your average summer camp. In addition to our "campy" activities — like kayaking, our challenge course, archery, and more — we also incorporate many activities designed to grow our campers' faiths. 


Our Faith

Proudly operated by the Episcopal Diocese of Florida, we typically have a priest on staff each week, and our camp families are invited to participate in a Closing Eucharist right before pickup.


Other than our clergy presence and Closing Eucharist, we don't delve much into denominations at camp. Theology is difficult for the ages we serve, and it's something we can't tackle in a week. Instead, we focus on helping our campers and staff grow their individual relationships with God.


We have campers of many different denominations and religions, as well as campers with no religion. All are welcome at Camp Weed!


Morning and Evening Worship

During the morning and evening, the whole camp comes together to enjoy worship music played by our incredible camp staff. Generally, we play two songs, then our worship director delivers a devotion for the campers and staff to think about. We'll play another song, then head to our activities (in the morning) or to bed (in the evening)! 


Cabin Devotions

Our cabins are separated by age and gender, so your camper will be with girls or boys of his/her own age and understanding. Right before rest period each day, cabinmates gather in their common rooms, and our counselors lead age-appropriate devotions. These devotions are a great way for our campers to connect to God and to their fellow campers.


Some of our go-to devotions include:

  • Questions in a Hat - Campers write down questions about life in general or spirituality and place them in a hat. Counselors screen the questions, then pull them out and answer them.
  • Prayer Chain - Campers write down their individual prayers on strips of paper and work together to create a large prayer chain for their cabin.
  • "Gotcha" Prayers - Each camper takes a turn saying what they'd like to prayed for. When they're done, someone says "gotcha," and the camper throws a skein of yarn to that person. The person who said "gotcha" then takes up the first camper's prayer. At the end, the yarn is cut, and each camper makes a bracelet out of the yarn to serve as a reminder to pray for the other person.


If you have questions or suggestions about our devotions, feel free to reach out!


Deans Program

Each week at Camp Weed, we have two deans who help with our worship during the week. Outside of camp, these deans are typically youth leaders and clergy members. We greatly appreciate our high-energy deans who take time away from their normal duties to be with us each week.


Our deans run an age-appropriate program each day to expose our campers to God. These programs are specially designed to be something the campers look forward to and something the campers learn from. The deans program theme aligns with the camp theme each week.


In addition to their daily programs, our deans interact with our campers in many of our activities. They jump head-first into the week, really getting to know our campers. Because of this, they’re a great resource for campers to go to when they need to talk or ask questions. Our counselors are trained to talk to campers about a variety of topics, but they always know when to pull a dean in.


Prayer Night

Each week, we hold a prayer night for our older camper. This night has become a special tradition and camp favorite for both new and returning campers. Planned by our worship director, our aim is for prayer night to help strengthen the relationships between our older camprs and God.


During this night, campers have the option to participate in a variety of prayer stations, including a prayer board, chalk prayers, take a prayer leave a prayer, and more. Campers then head to our beautiful Mandi's Chapel, where they end the night with Compline.


Campers who are uncomfortable with prayer night or who wish to not participate are welcome to hang around the sides instead of taking part in the stations! 


Typical Day

To get a better picture of how our faith fits in at camp, check out our Typical Day!


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  • 11057 Camp Weed Place
  • Live Oak, Florida 32060
  • Phone: 386-364-5250
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